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Care Messenger for housing landlords and care home or retirement village operators

Care Messenger’s CEO presenting at Inside Housing’s conference ‘Ageing in Place’ 2020 

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This page gives information about the benefits of Care Messenger for housing and care providers - specifically:

·         for Housing Schemes

·         for Care homes or hospital TV

·         for Retirement village operators

Care Messenger for your housing scheme or care home
  • Care Messenger represents a significant improvement to the service you can offer your residents. It adds to their security and their sense of community involvement. And it greatly increases your customer communication efficiency.

  • Wardens can keep in touch with tenants across multiple schemes increasing vital communication.

  • Carers can communicate directly with individual residents to provide updates on their visits.

  • Management can use the system for surveys and save money on expensive postal communications with responses automatically recorded and compiled electronically.

  • Housing associations can use the system for rent reminders or account statements, for rent repair communications, for video updates or ‘what’s on’ and information on service provision.

  • Inform residents of tradesmen calling for repairs and use the system for resident satisfaction responses or confirmation of the work carried out.

  • Send messages to all residents or in selected 'groups'

  • Save on abortive calls by sending a simple message in advance of a visit with a response to confirm that residents are in.

  • Send news bulletins and announcements to improve tenant engagement.

  • Send regular short videos from management to promote your care services and enhance the experience of residents.

  • Staff can download our free app from the Apple or Android stores, use our management web-based dashboard, or easily integrate with our API to link to their own systems.

  • Unlimited app users and messages


For more information on the corporate Care Messenger programme, please call directly on +44 (0)7512 339756. 

Care Messenger for Telehealth or Hospital TV


As an alternative to a mobile or tablet device, many elderly, homebound, or disabled residents will be more comfortable with our TV based messaging, which broadens the scope of any 'Telemedicine' delivery programme.

The same system is ideal as ‘Hospital TV’ allowing relatives to stay in touch and communicate with their recovering loved ones.

  • Interact with patients through their TVs with simple multiple choice questionnaires.

  • Via our open API, integrate with your Telehealth data and medication devices to return results and measurements.

  • Send mini 'instruction' videos to patients on how to operate self-medication devices or to instruct or advise on common medical conditions.

  • With our simple 'push video' conferencing feature, run two-way consultancy sessions with patients on their TVs


For more information on the corporate Care Messenger programme, please call directly on +44 (0)7512 339756.

Care Messenger for your domiciliary care programme

Care Messenger is an efficient way of communicating with customers to give them peace of mind:

  • Carers can have their own avatars to reassure customers as to who is sending the message and who is going to visit, especially if there is change of carer.

  • Let customers know if you are running late or need to reschedule.

  • Message ahead and confirm that the customer is going to be in to avoid wasted calls or visits.

  • Send scheduled 'how are you feeling?' messages with multiple choice responses to gain regular feedback on the status of customers.


For more information on the corporate Care Messenger programme, please call directly on +44 (0) 7512 339756

How to order Care Messenger

We currently only sell to businesses or organisations that are providing services to clients (eg housing associations, care facilities, retirement villages, hospitals).

Email us on stating information about your organisation with any questions you may have. Or call us on +44 (0) 333 444 1240 to let us know your requirements and we will discuss options that will be perfect for your situation.

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Assistance request selection at the touch of a button - sends auto-email to appropriate team.


Rent reminder message.


Daily wellbeing check.

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