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For friends and relatives
For housing, hospitals, and care facilities

Care Messenger makes keeping in touch easy for everybody, using familiar technology everyone can cope with.

Our unique system allows you to send text, image, or video messages from a mobile device or computer, straight to a television screen overlaying the content so messages can’t be missed! And the person getting the message can send a simple response back using their familiar television remote control.

Health care professionals, landlords, and family members can stay in touch with loved ones, tenants, and patients in a way that is so simple to use, on the move or from anywhere in the world!

Care Messenger represents a significant improvement to the service you can offer your residents. It adds to their security and their sense of community involvement.

As an alternative to a mobile or tablet device, many will be more comfortable with our TV based messaging. Care Messenger is also an efficient way of communicating with customers to give them peace of mind.

  • Sends messages and pictures straight to a television screen

  • Appears during programmes so you'll know your message is seen

  • Messages are marked 'read' and time stamped when the recipient responds

  • Main family carer can view details of all messages sent to their loved one

  • Send urgent messages to instantly overlay TV programmes, or an alert 'bubble' for recipients to open messages at their leisure

  • No advertising or unsolicited messages
    Schedule messages at specific times

  • Define multiple choice responses

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